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July 21, 2022 Minutes

The Telford Borough Authority Meeting held this date was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman John Harrell. The following members were in attendance: Dan Cole, David Musselman and Robert Nice. Also present were Public Works Director Gary Yoder, Solicitor Jim Jacquette, Engineer Patrick DiGangi and Recording Secretary Diane Windfelder. Board Member Eric Kratz and Manager Mark Fournier were absent.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the June 16, 2022, Authority meeting were approved unanimously (4-0) by a Musselman/Nice motion.


1.Excess Users – Two-Tier Rate Plan

Chairman John Harrell presented the Board with a sample of the two-tier billing. A lengthy discussion resulted in a consensus to increase the base quarterly billing unit (EDU) to be 31,000 gallons, to allow for potential days being included in the meter readings period beyond the annual average of 91.25 days in the billing cycle. The Solicitor will complete his evaluation of this proposed procedure to assure its compliance with applicable law, and report to the Board at its next meeting.


Mr. Harrell informed the Board that the staff is working on the 2023 budgets and requested members to send in any suggestions they would like to be considered for the new budget. Mr. Cole suggested new generators for the water wells.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Accepted as presented.

WATER DEPARTMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Mr. Yoder indicated that the pole barn should be completed in a few days and asked the Board to authorize the Public Works staff to install the concrete floor for approximately $6,500.00 instead of the contractor doing the work for an additional $16,000.00.

Mr. Yoder also reported that the company from which the Authority bought the backhoe had ordered extra hammers by mistake and is offering to sell them to the Authority for $7,500.00 each. Mr. Yoder recommended purchasing one additional rock hammer.

After a lengthy discussion, a Nice/Cole motion carried unanimously (4-0) authorizing the purchase of one additional rock hammer for the backhoe for $7,500.00 and to move forward with the installation of the concrete floor in the new pole barn by the Authority staff.

COLLECTION REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Mr. Yoder indicated that Warren Harris is looking into getting a demonstration scheduled for relining of pipes in September.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

PTWA REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: Solicitor Jim Jacquette provided a verbal report.

Mr. Jacquette reported on the TMDL case that we are awaiting the judge’s decision on the pending motion.

He is working on two new warehouse projects in the early stages. The Home Depot/Rocco’s Sandwich Shop matter is on the docket and agreements are in a negotiation stage.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Mr. DiGangi informed the Board that CKS is still working with the manufacturer to expedite the delivery of roofing materials for the WWTF roof project.

MANAGER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.


Payment of bills and requisitions for the month of June in the amount of $281,403.20 was approved unanimously (4-0) by a Cole/Nice motion.

PENDING ITEMS:                                       

  • Mr. Fournier to contact PPL for a grid map showing TBA’s well locations.
  • Mr. Fournier to provide a list to the Board of commercial/industrial customers who are using water & sewer capacity above one EDU.
  • Staff to look into the option for customers to initiate their own ACH payments without the customer or TBA incurring any fees.
  • The Board will continue its discussion about implementing rate structures.
  • A letter should be sent to all customers on the excess usage list with an explanation as to why TBA is reviewing accounts and announcing a new rate program being considered by TBA. The Solicitor, Engineer, Manager and Chairman will continue to work on this letter.
  • Continue discussions on the potential adjustment of service charges for customers with excess usage.
  • Mr. DiGangi to prepare a proposal with recommendations as to how to improve treatment and flow at the WWTF.
  • Pursue cost information (lease vs. purchase) for generators at TBA’s wells; also research used equipment.

Telford Borough Authority entered Executive Session at 7:03 pm to discuss a matter of personnel and finance.

The Authority closed Executive Session at 7:45 pm. No action was taken.

It was the consensus of the Board to make changes in the 2023 budget.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:46 pm by a Kratz/Musselman motion.

 Respectfully submitted,

 David Musselman



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