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May 21, 2020 Minutes

The Telford Borough Authority Meeting held this date was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Timothy Hagey, with the following people in attendance: Manager Mark Fournier and Recording Secretary Megan McShane. The following people participated via telephone: John Harrell, David Musselman, Robert Nice, Solicitor Jim Jacquette and Engineer Patrick DiGangi. Public Works Director Gary Yoder and Abram Diehl were absent.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the April 16, 2020 Authority meeting were approved unanimously (4-0) by a Harrell/Musselman motion.

COMMENTS FROM AUDIENCE: There were no comments from the audience and no calls were received prior to the meeting with any questions from the public.


1.         Manager Mark Fournier informed the Board that he surveyed the municipalities that TBA serves, and also posed the question to the Bucks County Consortium, about how municipalities are handling late fees for their water/sewer billing. He found that most municipalities are waiving the late fee for one period, some extended the due date for 30 days, and some did both of those things. He added that the PUC recommends that Authorities work with delinquent customers. As long as the Governor’s Proclamation of Disaster is in effect, the PUC prohibits termination of utility services.

Board Member John Harrell asked Mr. Fournier what his preference is, regarding the late fees. Mr. Fournier recommended that all late fees be waived for the May billing only. Chairman Timothy Hagey clarified that the waiving of late fees and interest be implemented now for the May billing, and the Board will review the circumstances again next quarter. Mr. Harrell and the other Board members concurred. Administrative Secretary Megan McShane clarified that no delinquent amounts from the February billing will be subject to any further late penalties or interest, and the Board confirmed that is correct.

A Harrell/Nice motion carried unanimously (4-0) waiving all late fees and interest for the May, 2020 water/sewer billing.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Accepted as presented for the month of April.

Payment of the bills and requisitions for the month of April in the amount of $318,281.82 was approved unanimously (4-0) by a Harrell/Nice motion.

Board Member Robert Nice asked if the A.C. Schultes expenditure for $37,550.00 was for Well #5, and Mr. Fournier confirmed that yes, it was for the re-build of Well #5.

Signing of the checks was approved unanimously (4-0) by a Harrell/Musselman motion.


Mr. Fournier reviewed the cost information from A.C. Schultes that was requested by John Harrell at last month’s meeting pertaining to Well #5. Mr. Fournier, Mr. Yoder and Mr. Mathe obtained the information from A.C. Schultes pertaining to the costs for a new high efficiency motor vs. the cost of a rebuild of an existing motor, the cost of a submersible motor, an annual operating cost comparison, predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance services, and the cost of preventive and predictive maintenance services for just the operating equipment and for the whole well house.

Mr. Fournier informed the Board that it costs approximately $2,200 to do maintenance on all 5 wells and 3 well boosters; it wouldn’t pay for A.C. Schultes to simply do one well at a time.

Engineer Patrick DiGangi asked Mr. Fournier if you can see a pump starting to fail through the meter, on the pumps that have meters. Mr. Fournier confirmed that you can.

Mr. Fournier also reported that the staff has looked at infrared scans to determine efficiency and have found the scans to be more effective at the WWTF than at the wells.

Mr. Harrell asked for an explanation about infrared scans determining well efficiency, and Mr. Fournier provided that explanation. Mr. Harrell then stated that TBA could use a predictive maintenance plan to plan well maintenance, rather than having to take down a well with issues, repair the issues and rush to get it back online. Mr. Harrell added that he would like to use other tools to look at well maintenance and do things to improve, including talking to the staff and getting their thoughts on it.

Mr. Hagey asked Mr. Harrell if he is considering the $2,200 maintenance to be predictive maintenance, and Mr. Harrell said yes, and asked if once a year would be enough to do this maintenance at the wells. Mr. Fournier informed the Board that the wells never indicated much to warrant modifying well maintenance that the staff has been doing, and Mr. Harrell stated that he would like Mr. Fournier to send him the information that was obtained from A.C. Schultes.

Chairman Timothy Hagey asked for reports from the Solicitor and the Engineer.

Solicitor Jim Jacquette gave an update on the status of Indian Ridge Provisions. Discussion ensued about how to proceed with obtaining payment for their excessive usage. Mr. Hagey directed Solicitor Jacquette to prepare draft Agreements for both Indian Ridge Provisions and Fresco, so the Board can review them at the next meeting and TBA can have them ready.

Mr. Hagey asked Mr. Jacquette about the status of the Lutheran Home Agreements. Mr. Jacquette informed Mr. Hagey that he is working on them, and will have them to Mr. Fournier next week.

Engineer Patrick DiGangi reported that the Lutheran Home – Crestview Avenue project plans are acceptable for planning. Mr. DiGangi further reported that the 2019 CCR is at the printer, and has to be out to customers by July 1st. He also informed the Board that CKS filed TBA’s SOC waiver renewal at the end of 2019, and they are working through comments from DEP.

Mr. Nice asked Mr. DiGangi what the expected timeline is for the Lutheran Home project to move forward, and Mr. DiGangi stated that as soon as the Agreements are done, TBA will receive payment and the project can move forward.

Mr. Harrell asked for clarification on the SOC waiver renewal, and Mr. Fournier and Mr. DiGangi provided that explanation. Mr. Harrell then asked what the financial impact is to TBA, and Mr. Fournier informed the Board that it is an expenditure of a few thousand dollars per quarter.

Mr. Fournier informed the Board that the centrifuge is approaching the 4,000-hour mark on its maintenance cycle, and the maintenance will be done during the week of June 15th – this maintenance will cost $14,000.  Mr. DiGangi asked if Alfa Laval is doing the work, and Mr. Fournier confirmed that they are.


  • Manager Mark Fournier to send information collected from A.C. Schultes to John Harrell.
  • For the June meeting, Solicitor to provide draft agreements to the Board for Indian Ridge Provisions and Fresco.
  • Site visit to Well #1 at a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:58 pm by a Nice/Musselman motion.

Respectfully submitted,

John Harrell



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