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September 20, 2018 Minutes

The Telford Borough Authority Meeting held this date was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Timothy Hagey, with the following members in attendance: John Harrell, David Musselman and Robert Nice. Also present were Manager Mark Fournier, Public Works Director Gary Yoder, Finance Director Craig Davies, Engineer Patrick DiGangi, Michael DiGirolamo from Timoney Knox and Recording Secretary Megan McShane. Abram Diehl was absent.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the August 16, 2018 Authority meeting were approved unanimously (4-0) by a Nice/Musselman motion.



1.     Centrifuge Project Update

Engineer Patrick DiGangi reported that we are still working through some issues with the controls. The staff also found some issues related to the PLC. The largest outstanding issue is with the programming, and a new program is currently due to be installed the week of October 8th. Board Member Robert Nice asked if TBA is still holding $50,000 until this issue is fully resolved; Finance Director Craig Davies confirmed that TBA is currently holding $55,000.

2.     Franconia Township – Addendum No. 9 to Sewage Treatment Agreement

A Harrell/Musselman carried unanimously (3-0) authorizing the signature of Addendum No. 9 to the Sewage Treatment Agreement between Telford Borough Authority and Franconia Township. Robert Nice abstained at the advice of Franconia Township Counsel.

3.     Swaminarayan Community Center

Mr. Fournier distributed the CKS review letter dated September 17, 2018 which reviewed the proposed Preliminary/Final Land Development Plans for the Swaminarayan Community Center. The project proposes the demolition of an existing residential dwelling and garage and the construction of a 4,432 SF community center located on an 11.38 acre (gross) lot at 4731 Bethlehem Pike in Hilltown Township. The current dwelling is served by private water and sewer. The existing septic tank is to be abandoned and the proposed building will be connected to public sewer by constructing an 8” SDR 35 PVC sewer main/lateral that will connect with TBA’s existing sanitary sewer on the opposite side of Bethlehem Pike in an existing easement. The project proposes 600 gpd for sanitary sewer and will continue to utilize an on-lot well for domestic water.

A Harrell/Nice motion carried unanimously (4-0) giving conditional approval to the Preliminary/Final Land Development Plans dated January 27, 2018, last revised August 10, 2018, provided that all comments from the CKS review letter dated September 17, 2018 are addressed. The motion also authorizes the Manager and Solicitor to proceed with preparing the necessary Agreements for this project.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Accepted as presented.

Board Member Robert Nice asked if sludge hauling is back to normal at the WWTF, and Mr. Fournier confirmed that it is.

Board Member John Harrell asked if the receivables for water & sewer are shown on this financial report since bills were recently due. Mr. Davies reported that these financials are for the month of August, which is prior to the bill due date, so receivables will be shown next month.

Mr. Nice then inquired about why the wages in the Wells & Standpipes category are already at 80% of what was budgeted for 2018. Mr. Fournier explained that wages should be viewed as a whole, not by category.

Finance Director Craig Davies reviewed the snap shot that he prepared for the 2019 sewer and water operating and capital budget projections. After some discussion, it was the consensus of the Board that Mr. Davies did an excellent job on this snap shot and that it should be presented at every September meeting.

WATER DEPARTMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Mr. Yoder distributed photos of recently relined manholes. He also reported that pipes inside the wet well were recently replaced at the North Lift Station, since the old ductile iron pipes had worn out and were disintegrating.

COLLECTION REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Mr. Fournier reported that there were 3 storm mode events and one SSO during the month. He added that more of what appears to be blood waste (high suspended solids) is coming into the WWTF from Franconia Township and this is happening on a more frequent basis now. He also stated that we have spoken to the Franconia Sewer Authority Manager about this issue again.

PTWA REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: We did not receive a written report for the file.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Mr. DiGangi reported that TBA did not receive the DCED Grant for Phase 3 of West Broad Street. This was the second grant application submitted for that project.

MANAGER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Mr. Fournier reviewed the draft of the ten-year plan that he and Mr. Davies prepared. After some discussion, it was the consensus of the Board that they would like to see a grand total for each year and projections for capacity charges, as well as depreciation.


Payment of the bills and requisitions for the month of August in the amount of $200,349.32 was approved unanimously (4-0) by a Harrell/Musselman motion.

Signing of the checks was approved unanimously (4-0) by a Harrell/Nice motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:02 pm by a Nice/Musselman motion.

Respectfully submitted,

John Harrell



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