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August 17, 2017 Minutes

The Telford Borough Authority Meeting held this date was called to order at 6:01 p.m. by Chairman Timothy Hagey, with the following members in attendance: John Harrell, David Musselman and Robert Nice. Also present were Manager Mark Fournier, Public Works Director Gary Yoder, Engineer Patrick DiGangi and Recording Secretary Megan McShane. Abram Diehl was absent.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the July 20, 2017 Authority meeting were approved unanimously (4-0) by a Harrell/Nice motion.

COMMENTS FROM AUDIENCE: There were no comments from the audience.


1.         Hilltown Township Water & Sewer Authority Request to Purchase EDUs

Hilltown Township Water & Sewer Authority (HTWSA) submitted a request to PWTA to purchase 25 EDUs. After some discussion, a Harrell/Musselman motion carried unanimously (4-0) authorizing the sale of 25 EDUs to HTWSA at a price of $3,600 per EDU.

2.         Centrifuge Project Update & Bid Award

Engineer Patrick DiGangi reported that DEP received our WGM permit application, but we have not received a response from them. The cost of the installation came in higher than anticipated, as did costs for electrical work and painting. There was also an unplanned expense to install a new centrate drain line when it was discovered during TV-ing that the current drain was in poor condition; however, the cost of the equipment came in less than we anticipated. Mr. DiGangi reported that TBA is currently over budget for this $1.1 million project by $25,000, and that the project cost could possibly be higher, but he doesn’t expect it to be.  

Board Member Robert Nice asked if there were any contingencies still in place, with the project being $25,000 over budget, and Mr. DiGangi informed the Board that no, the contingencies for this project are exhausted.

Board Member John Harrell asked if there would be any other add-ons to this project. Mr. DiGangi stated that as far as main elements, no, there will be no other add-ons. Mr. Harrell then asked if we have added things into the project that could be removed or done at another time; Mr. DiGangi replied that he does not think so, and that they did look at that already.

Chairman Timothy Hagey asked about the schedule for the project. Mr. DiGangi informed the Board that we are behind at this point, because we have not received the shop drawings from the vendor yet, which was expected at the end of July. The contractor can start with outside work now, though, and the project should be completed by late fall.

Mr. DiGangi informed the Board that, in his opinion, TBA received a complete and thorough bid from Eastern Environmental Contractors, Inc. A Harrell/Musselman motion carried unanimously (4-0) awarding the Centrifuge Installation Project to Eastern Environmental Contractors, Inc. in the Base Bid amount of $402,047.

3.         Bid Award for Northview Avenue Sanitary Sewer Relining Project

Mr. DiGangi gave an overview of the bids that were received for this project, which will include the installation of 24 sewer lateral tophat liners and the relining of 1,158’ of sanitary sewer on Northview Avenue.

The specification for this project is the same specification that was used on Phase 2 of the West Broad Street rehabilitation project. Two of the bids did not meet the specifications, so Mr. DiGangi recommended that the project be awarded to SWERP, for the Base Bid amount only, of $97,957. The bid came in $1,157 over what TBA budgeted for this project, which was $96,800.

A Nice/Musselman motion carried unanimously (4-0) awarding the Northview Avenue Sanitary Sewer Relining Project to SWERP for the Base Bid amount only of $97,957.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Accepted as presented.

WATER DEPARTMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

COLLECTION REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Mr. Fournier reported that the south lift station was epoxy lined by SWERP.

Chairman Timothy Hagey led a discussion about reviewing TBA’s larger commercial customers who produce more grease, and what the current grease handling and disposal costs are to TBA. Board Member John Harrell requested that this matter be researched further by staff and brought back to the Board as an agenda item for further review and consideration.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

PTWA REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Solicitor Mark Weand reported that he conferred with the Manager and the Engineer on both the Centrifuge and Northview Avenue Sewer Relining Projects.

Mr. Hagey asked for clarification on the Senkow service item listed on Mr. Weand’s report. Mr. Fournier explained that there is a single family residential unit in the previous W.B. Homes’ Carillon II development in Sellersville that TBA will be providing sanitary sewer service to, via a low-pressure grinder pump system.

Board Member Robert Nice inquired about the outcome of the DEP/EPA meeting with the TMDL stakeholders. Mr. Fournier stated that no action was taken, but DEP and EPA appeared to be open to discussion on an alternative watershed plan approach similar to the Wissahickon Creek approach. Mr. DiGangi reported that EPA rolled out their new study of sediment impacts on the Indian Creek at the meeting.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

MANAGER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.


Payment of the bills and requisitions for the month of July in the amount of $424,824.84 was approved unanimously (4-0) by a Harrell/Musselman motion.

Signing of the checks was approved unanimously (4-0) by a Harrell/Nice motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:04 pm by a Nice/Musselman motion.

Respectfully submitted,

John Harrell



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