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March 17, 2016 Minutes

The Telford Borough Authority Meeting held this date was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Timothy Hagey, with the following members in attendance: Abram Diehl, John Harrell, David Musselman, and Robert Nice. Also present were Manager Mark Fournier, Public Works Director Gary Yoder, Wastewater Treatment Facility Superintendent Daniel Wurst, Solicitor Mark Weand, Engineer Patrick DiGangi, P.E. and Utility Billing Clerk Diane Windfelder.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the February 18, 2016 Authority meeting were approved unanimously (5-0) by a Diehl/Musselman motion.

COMMENTS FROM AUDIENCE: There were no comments from the audience.


1.         TBA Agreements with PWTA and Franconia Sewer Authority:

Solicitor Mark Weand provided an overview of the 1987 Sewage Agreement with Franconia Sewer Authority and the eight Addendums which have followed. The Franconia agreement history was discussed amongst the board, and how the capacity at the Telford Wastewater Treatment Facility is broken down between Telford and Franconia Township. Further, our Engineer, Patrick DiGangi discussed flows in relation to our Chapter 94 report filed each year with PADEP. He discussed that remaining capacity is relative to the Franconia Sewer Authorities plans to divert their pump station near the Old Wampler Longacre plant to their plant and also whether or not they plan to sewer the Morwood area of Franconia Township. Engineer DiGangi discussed our need to notify FSA when they have reached 85 percent of their reserved allocation. Based upon their projections, they will not reach that limit in the five year planning horizon as outline in their Chapter 94 report.

Solicitor Mark Weand advised that PWTA was originally established to service Sellersville and Perkasie Boroughs. By Agreement in 1975, Silverdale, Hilltown, East Rockhill, and Telford were included as participating members. Agreement provisions and voting structure were then discussed as well as current operating aspects of the PWTA plant. Further representative Daniel Wurst indicated we have over 1,100 remaining EDU’s in the PWTA plant.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Accepted as presented.

WATER DEPARTMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Public Works Director Gary Yoder indicated that the public works staff would be replacing 450 Ft. of water line along Ridge Avenue starting next week.

COLLECTION REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

PTWA REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Superintendent Daniel Wurst reported that Thomas Mokes from Sellersville Borough and Claire Black from Silverdale Borough resigned from the PWTA board and were replaced by Joseph Montgomery from Silverdale Borough and James Hall from Sellersville Borough.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Solicitor Mark Weand reported the Arlington Square Development is waiting to receive its NDPES Permit. Revised plans will be submitted shortly and agreements would then be executed.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Engineer Patrick DiGangi, PE reported to the Authority that he is working on the Chapter 94 report and it will be submitted by the filing deadline.

MANAGER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.

Manager Mark D. Fournier prepared a comparison cost as requested by Chairman Timothy Hagey for the Telford and PWTA Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

Mr. Fournier indicated that the treatment cost for the Telford Wastewater Treatment Facility is $3.001 per 1,000 gals which includes the legal fees associated with the TMDL representation. The cost without the TMDL legal expense is $2.841 per 1,000 gals.

Mr. Fournier reported that the treatment cost at the PWTA Facility is $2.185 per 1,000 gals.

Mr. Fournier also reported that the employees participated in a CPR class and received their certification.


Payment of the bills and requisitions for the month of January in the amount of $707,428.50 was approved unanimously (5-0) by a Harrell/Diehl motion.

Signing of the checks was approved unanimously (5-0) by a Diehl/Musselman motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:14 pm by a Nice/Musselman motion.

Respectfully submitted,

John Harrell



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