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July 17, 2014 Minutes


The Telford Borough Authority Meeting held this date was called to order at 5:58 p.m. by Chairman Timothy Hagey, with the following members in attendance: Abram Diehl, David Musselman and Robert Nice. Also present were Manager Mark Fournier, Solicitor Mark Weand, Engineer Patrick DiGangi and Recording Secretary Megan McShane. John Harrell and Public Works Director Gary Yoder were absent.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of June 19, 2014 Authority meetings were approved unanimously (4-0) by a Nice/Diehl motion.




There were no comments from the audience.




1.         TMDL Update


Solicitor Mark Weand gave an update on the TMDL case. On June 27th, TBA submitted a letter to Lee McDonnell at DEP regarding the renewed  request for clarification on DEP’s approach to assess nutrient impairment in Indian Creek. The letter included a request for a meeting with DEP.    Mr. McDonnell responded promptly to the letter but did not mention the meeting request.


2.         Alloy & Stainless Fasteners – Expansion Project – 521 Schoolhouse Road


Engineer Patrick DiGangi gave an overview of this proposed expansion project.  Alloy & Stainless is proposing a 24,000 sq. ft. addition as the 1st phase of the project, and an additional 30,000 sq. ft. building as the 2nd phase of the project.   CKS is currently reviewing the land development plans.




TREASURER’S REPORT: Accepted as presented.


WATER DEPARTMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.


Manager Mark Fournier reported that on Sunday, June 29th, North Penn Water Authority issued a boil water advisory and water conservation notice to their customers in both Sellersville Borough and West Rockhill Township, due to a major water main break that occurred in Sellersville. TBA’s interconnect with NPWA at Clymer Road worked beautifully in this emergency to help bring NPWA’s system back to full pressure.


Mr. Fournier also reported that the Water Department staff is currently painting fire hydrants, and that the water line work will start shortly at the Telford Municipal Park project.


COLLECTION REPORT: We received a written report for the file.


Manager Fournier reported that Bob Kratz is still in the process of completing sewer inspections as part of TBA’s I&I Abatement program. Recording Secretary Megan McShane reported that 30 letters will be sent out to residents who have not responded to their inspection requests. Six (6) of the letters are Final Notice letters and will be sent via Certified, Return Receipt Requested; they will advise those residents that water services will be terminated if they do not schedule this inspection.


WASTEWATER TREATMENT REPORT: We received a written report for the file.


PTWA REPORT: We received a written report for the file.


SOLICITOR’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.


Solicitor Mark Weand reported that he prepared a Service Agreement and a blanket Easement Agreement for the Vulcan Springs project, but we have not received the signed Agreements back as of today.


Mr. Weand also informed the Authority Board that TBA did not receive the last updated engineering plan from Telford Hills Condominium Association. Further review will now be required to determine the extent of the work involved.


ENGINEER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.


Engineer Patrick DiGangi reported that the Grant Application for the West Broad Street project was submitted to DCED on June 23rd. A request from DCED for additional information was submitted on Monday, July 14th, and that information was submitted to DCED on Wednesday, July 16th.


MANAGER’S REPORT: We received a written report for the file.




Manager Mark Fournier reported that a Request for Proposal was sent to 3 companies for the proposed generator rebuild project.


Mr. Fournier also informed the Authority Board that we just received the latest submission of development plans for Secant Medical this afternoon, and also received land development plans for the townhouse development project at 329 Erie Avenue.


Payment of the bills and requisitions for the month of June in the amount of $ 162,245.76 were approved unanimously (4-0) by a Nice/Musselman motion.


Signing of the checks was approved unanimously (4-0) by a Nice/Musselman motion.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm with a Diehl/Nice motion.


Respectfully submitted,


Mark D. Fournier

Assistant Secretary


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